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Diversifying Funding with Crowdgranting

In this episode, learn about the Public Spaces, Community Places Program, that utilizes crowdfunding and matching grants to support community...

The Importance of Strong MI Downtowns

Welcome to Downtown Picture yourself sitting on a bench in your favorite Michigan downtown. Do you see the family laughing in the park...

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St. Ignace Admin Assist

The City of St. Ignace, Michigan, is accepting applications for a Full-Time Administrative Assistant position; starting salary with benefits...

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Resiliency Toolkit for Downtowns

Our latest podcast, Resiliency Toolkit, is now ready for your listening pleasure!

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2023 Achievements

8 New MiPDM Participants

Downtown Social District Webinar

First Ever MiPDM Scholarship Awarded

Quarterly Legislative Update to Members

55 In Person Legislator Visits

Featured in MML's 'Review'

8 Business Associate Members

250+ Event Attendees

MDA Blog

Unlock the Potential of Your DDA Website

Discover how a dedicated website can revolutionize your efforts for engagement, visibility, and efficiency & save you time!

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Looking For Ways To Tackle Michigan's Housing Crisis?

Our friends at McKenna provide examples of Michigan communities working on the current housing 'crisis'.

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Spotlight on Michigan's Downtowns

Spotlight on Michigan’s Downtowns MEDC works with communities of all sizes across Michigan to help preserve and revitalize their...

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Benefits of Using Warm White LED Area and Street Lighting

As cites expand, so does the need for street and area lighting. However, the unintended consequence of light pollution has become a growing...

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