Unlock the Potential of Your DDA Website

Elevating Your DDA with a Dedicated Website

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the presence of a customized website for your DDA is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. While the idea of housing your DDA's online presence within the municipal website might seem convenient, there are compelling reasons why a separate, targeted website is the superior choice.
Here’s why.

Branding & Visibility: Your DDA's Digital Identity
A standalone website offers an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your DDA's brand and initiatives. With a dedicated URL, your site is optimized for search engines, making it easier for your intended audience to find you. Coupled with focused digital marketing strategies, a separate website enhances your visibility and ensures that your messaging reaches the right people at the right time.

Functionality Control: Tailor Your Digital Space
Your DDA is unique, with specific needs that a general municipal website might not cater to. A standalone website grants you the autonomy to curate features essential for your operations and engagement efforts. Whether it's showcasing events with image galleries, maintaining an updated directory of local businesses and available properties, or pushing your news to email and social media, you have complete control over the functionality that matters most to your DDA.

Focused Messaging: Speak Directly to Your Community
A separate website allows you to tailor your information specifically to your audience. By adopting a marketing tone designed for community involvement, you can communicate more effectively, ensuring that your messages resonate with residents, businesses, and visitors alike. This approach helps in building a stronger connection with your community.

Save Time: Your Website Can Be Your Digital Staff Member
Imagine a tool that answers common questions, informs the public about downtown events, highlights available properties for lease, and provides easy access to important documents. A well-maintained website does all this and more, acting as an invaluable member of your staff by saving time and streamlining communication.

Choose your Website Service Provider Wisely
When it comes to developing a website for your DDA, not all website service vendors are created equal. Make sure you choose a service that offers tailored solutions that ensure your website not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Custom Graphic Design: Your website will be a true reflection of your DDA’s branding, offering a cohesive visual experience that engages visitors.

Robust Calendar & Social Media Integration: Keep your community informed about events and meetings. Easily push updates to social media directly from your website.

Economic Development & Directory: Use a directory that promotes downtown businesses and available properties, updating between the two pages in real-time as properties are leased. This fosters economic development and keeps the community informed.

Document Library: Choose a service that makes it easy for you to upload and organize all the documents needed to be compliant with MI Act 57 of 2018.

Streamlined Announcements: Utilize an auto-email service of news and announcements with social media integration for efficient communication with your audience.

Online Forms & Surveys: Connect with the public through online forms and surveys, providing a private channel for communication and public outreach.

Need the Ability to Expire Content?  Simplify the RFP process with online submissions and automatic expiration, streamlining your procurement process.

Choose Wisely, Choose Civic Clarity® Website Service
Selecting the right partner for your DDA’s website is crucial. With Civic Clarity, you're choosing a service that understands the unique needs of DDAs and offers the tools and features necessary for your success.  Visit https://ddademo.civicclarity.com/ to view our DDA demo website in action.  Even better, contact us for a quick online demonstration where we can review our standard features, with an emphasis on your priorities.
Give us a call today (248-684-8715) or visit https://www.civicclarity.com/dda to learn how you can further market your DDA with Civic Clarity.  Experience the difference a tailored, custom designed website can make.