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Call for Nominations for 2nd Annual MDA Downtown Revitalization Awards

The Michigan Downtown Association is asking for nominations for its second annual MDA Downtown Revitalization Awards. Winners will receive their awards during the MDA's annual Statewide Michigan Downtowns Conference in Frankenmuth, October 11-12, 2018. The deadline for award nominations is August 27, 2018 via email to info@michigandowntowns.com with "MDA Award Nominations" in the subject or post-marked letters sent to Michigan Downtown Association, PO Box 82369, Rochester, MI 48308.

There are six award categories. Nominees for categories 1 through 5 must be MDA members and/or from MDA member communities. There is a complete list of MDA members on our web site.
  1. Best Downtown Economic Development Project Under 1 Million Dollars
  2. Best Downtown Economic Development Project Over 1 Million Dollars
  3. Best Promotions & Marketing Project/Program: Small Town Under 10,000 Population
  4. Best Promotions & Marketing Project/Program: Mid-size and Large Communities Over 10,000 Population
  5. MDA Volunteer of the Year (a volunteer activity for MDA, not in a community)
  6. Lifetime Achievement (this person does not have to be an MDA member and can be anyone for any downtown in Michigan)
Nomination Information Required for all Award Categories:
  1. Community name
  2. Name of person or project being nominated
  3. Address of project or person
  4. Contact information for project or person
  5. Name and contact information of person making the nomination
  6. Project description/why do you feel this project or person should win this award? (250 words or less).  Please note that nominated projects, both Economic Development and Promotions & Marketing must be completed and/or implemented. 
  7. Number of full and part-time jobs created (if applicable)
  8. Total project cost
  9. Names of the primary project architect, engineer, and general contractor
  10. Age of the building/project (if applicable)
  11. Architectural style of the building (if applicable)
  12. 3-4 photos (jpgs) of the interior and 3-4 photos (jpgs) of the exterior (if applicable)
NOTE:  All Nominations must be for achievements/projects within the past 1-3 years.  All projects must be completed and implemented in order to be considered for the award.

Online Form: https://www.memberleap.com/members/form.php?orgcode=MDTA&fid=2835941